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Thank you for showing an interest in joining the Westchester Striders Track & Field Club. The Westchester Striders provides track & field training to boys and girls ages 8-14 in northern Westchester County (Peekskill, NY).

Training is offered year-round, indoors and out, four days per week by two experienced and dedicated coaches — Ted Bitter and Winston Lewis. They both have many years of experience as runners and coaches in the New York metropolitan area (see Contacts Page).

Through our training programs, and through competition, our athletes learn the value of hard work and discipline — and to do their personal best. We teach our athletes to set reasonable goals and to compete against their own previous performance. The more dedicated the athlete is, the better he/she will do in competition and in life.

As a member of the Westchester Striders Track & Field Club, it’s not only important to do well in competition, but also in school. The hard work, dedication and personal best teachings we impart are expected to be carried into the academic world as well.

If you think your child will benefit from disciplined training, competition at a high level, travel, excitement, meeting and competing with young people from all over the country, and being the best they can be, then we encourage you to become a member of the Westchester Striders!


Parent Participation

To be successful at what we do, we strive to establish a partnership with our parents for the benefit of the children. Therefore, parent participation is crucial to our success. Parents are encouraged to participate in activities such as, attending track meets and team meetings, serving on the organization's Board of Directors, and participating in different fundraising activities. Getting involved with the team and participating in our activities will contribute to the success of your child and the success of the team.

We look forward to your involvement!

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  • Each athlete must commit to one full season (year), which consists of cross country (late Summer-Fall), indoor track (Winter) and outdoor track (Spring-Early Summer).
  • The athlete must train a minimum of 3 days per week.
  • Athletes must participate in the majority of scheduled cross country/track meets in order to maintain membership on the team.
  • Consistent participation in meets enables us to evaluate an athlete's performance over time and make necessary adjustments in training.

Membership Fees

As a not-for-profit, 501(c)3 organization, the Westchester Striders charges both a one-time registration fee and monthly dues to cover the costs associated with operation of the club. The membership fee is $25 and monthly dues are $25 (discounts provided for additional family members).

How To Join

If you think your child is interested in joining the Westchester Striders, contact us by email at or through the form below. We will make arrangements to have your child come to one of our practices, meet with the coaches and other parents, and let them work out with the team to see if they are comfortable with the level of our workouts.

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